Stout's Rabbits

Raising Quality Jersey woolies, netherland dwarfs in NW Arkansas

Welcome to our new site

Hello folks an update

Tulsa State Fair wins and Tulsa Rba wins

April Stout 2 BOBs with self sr doe

1 BOG broken doe, 1 BOG shaded doe

1 BOSG shaded buck

Gary Stout

1 BOSB with shaded doe

2nd place sr self buck

1 BOG shaded doe

2nd place rew netherland dwarf buck

Tammy Stout

1BOSB self Sr doe

1 BOSG broken jr buck(home grown) its a broken chocolate

1 BOG broken jr buck (home grown) its a broken chocolate

1 BOG shaded doe

1 BOB self jr buck( home grown)

The rest will be posted when I get show reports as that is all I can remember








Featured bunny is

PP's Kiss&Tell Broken SR Buck

Best in Show winner Open

Washington County Fair

Fayetteville Arkansas

August 28th


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